Inspired by the book the Trigrams Part One


Last night I read Liber Trigrammaton aloud to my husband, and it touched me right into my heart. I remember I have read it many years ago but then it didn’t leave such an impression at all. One of the task as a Practicus is learning this book by heart and recite this. Even though it might not been such a hard task as it is only 4 pages of text. For me it is more than that I want to grasp the inner meaning of the text.

A brief translation of the first four sentences

Here is nothing under its three forms. It is not, yet informeth all things.

Hier is niets onder de drie vormen. Het is niet, toch inspireert/bezield het alles.

Now cometh the glory of the Single One, As an imperfection and stain.

Nu komt (arriveert) de glorie van de Oprechte Ene, Als een onvolmaakte en schandvlek.

But by the Weak one the Mother was it equilibrated.

Maar bij de zwake ene, de Moeder was evenwichtig.

Also the purity was divided by Strength, the force of the Demiurge.

Bovendien was de zuiverheid gescheiden bij Kracht, de macht van de wereldleider.



For example the word informeth can simple mean to inform but when I read the text last night, it enflamed me. So instead I used the Dutch word inspireert/ bezield, those words mean inspire and there is no English word for bezielen. It comes back as inspire but bezielen means much more than that. Bezielen feels as enflame yourself in prayer. What happens when you preform a ritual the right way. It lifts you up.

The word Demiurge has a lot of different meanings. In the Platonic world it is an artisan-like figure. The one that build worlds, the dictionary says world leader. So I used that word. Some it is just based on feeling in order to have better grasp as what the text means in my opinion.

How to keep a Magickal diary.


I wrote this article for my A.’.A.’. students to help them to get a better grasp on how to keep a diary. In Thelema the magickal diary holds a very special place, in fact you could say it is the heart of the system and therefor it also holds the heart of the student. A Magickal diary keeps track of habits, it keeps track of all the magickal activities and it is also a place to write down thoughts or observations.

unbloomed white flower bud placed on opened book
A diary in the form of a booklet


The Magickal Diary

A diary is so much more than keeping a log where you write in dates and your practice. A diary is the heart and soul of your work. It is one of the most important magickal tools you can own as a student on the path. The value of a magickal diary lies in the fact that it becomes your magickal memory over time. If you want understand your mind you have to dig deep. We all have hidden obstacles and when they come to the surface we as students on the path have to be ready.

Old Habits

Most of us will come across old habits, the saying ‘old habits die hard’, well this one is very true! As we progress on the path the ‘bad’ habits can become subtler and not always easy to spot. This is where the diary comes in. I, myself have two diaries, my digital day to day one, and a blanc book that I take with me on my travels, because there are times that I just not want to take my laptop with me but be off the grid and get more in touch with nature and my magickal work. Last summer, when I was on a holiday, I brought my travel dairy with me and started to read in it. I came across a dream, that I forgot I had, reading it again in my diary brought a couple of personal things in to a broader perspective and that was very helpful for me.

white concrete structure
Old habits die hard!

Aleister Crowley’s novel Diary of a drug fiend had a huge impact on me when I read it many years ago. It is excellent example not only on the theory behind the Magickal diary but also for how to guide fellow students on the AA path.



Methods of science

The methods of our order are those of science and the aims are those of religion. ‘Every man and every woman is a star’, as it is stated in the Book of the Law. If we want to find our own ‘Star’ and what it means to us on our magickal journey, the magickal diary is the key element.

Content of your diary

Here are some suggestions of things that you can write down in your magickal diary.

  • Date and year
  • The weather
  • The moon cycle (full moon, new moon etc.)
  • Dreams
  • Practice
  • Books you read or reading
  • Special events
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Thoughts you have about things in life

I will explain a few of these suggestions, to give you a better understanding.


For dreams you can also have a small blanc book next to your bed with a flashlight and pencil. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night out of a dream, this makes it very easy to write down and go back to sleep.


Write down how long you meditated for example. I have really see my own progress grow over time. More than twenties years ago I started with three minutes meditations in the Dragon position. And that felt like three hours to me. Now, twenties years later, I rather sit in the tailor’s pose for about twenty minutes till one hour a day. My mind is at ease during my meditations. If I look into diaries I can really see so much change over the years. That to me is the benefit of that magickal diary.

abstract art awareness branches
To be able to see our own ripples

So, make a list in your magickal diary of all the practices you do in the morning or evening and write down what you felt or experienced. What to do when you experience nothing? Well, write that down, we all go to ‘dry’ periods from time to time. Same goes for not doing any practical work, write it down in your magickal diary. It can help you to understand your won patterns. What I discovered for example in all those years is that my menstrual cycle can be a hiccup, when I found that out, I changed some of my practices so instead to see it as an obstacle, I made it beneficial for my magickal progress.

Books or movies

It can be a good idea to write down what books you are studying and your thoughts about what you have read, what inspired you for example. Or movies that inspired you. Movies can have a huge effect on you. I remember when I fist saw the Matrix, it was mind blowing. But also the documentary: Wild wild country, about Osho. So can books have an effect as well. A sentence or a chapter can give you insight, or it gives words to something you feel or think. I had it with the word ‘imaginazione’. After reading about it I had a deep and intense talk with my husband about it and he wrote an article on his blog about it. You can find his article it here: Words and phrases

Special events

This can mean many things, a magickal retreat, a special ritual like an Equinox.  Write about these as detailed as possible. Or even an experiment you did with herbs.

Emotional wellbeing

Write about your emotions, when you are moved by something or angry, write down what happened, the deeper you go the better you will understand what is going on in your mind and soul. This is something we tend to forget but it is very interesting to see what trigger us on a day to day basis.

full frame shot of text on wood
All kinds of emotions

It can also help you when you do meditations, like mindfulness. Does it really help you to feel more present and in the moment. Getting less involved in all kinds of stimulations.


I hope this document gives you some inspiration on how to keep a Magickal Diary. It is a lot of work I am fully aware of that. You write your magickal diary for yourself but it will not only benefit you but also your tutor who reads your magickal diary from time to time and gives you feedback on the work you do. Your future students benefit from your labor of love as well. The goal is to understand the ‘True Will’, aiming and direct it towards the ‘Knowledge and Conversation’ with your ‘Holy Guardian Angel,’ your writings will never be in vane keep that in mind when you are stuck in your work. Go back, read, and act!