Soror Mystical

My name is Soror Mystical and I am a Magician wandering in this amazing world. I am a student on the mystical path for over twenty years, studying  and practicing, Magick, Buddhism, meditation, Inner alchemy, Lab Alchemy and now I am back where it all started but richer and more in balance with who I am today.

My journey started somewhere in 1993, summer was almost over, you could feel the crisp air that announces that Autumn is coming. I love that time of the year, putting on your warm sweater again, turning up the heat, reading even more books then in the summer. And there it was, a moment of bliss, I met somebody in 1993 that is now my husband. What makes it so special is that at that moment we where both damaged in relationships and we both had no intend of falling in love again but the Stars had an other idea. We fell in love and the magick that was there on the surface awoke.

We started talking about spirituality from the moment we met and we still talk and practices till this day. I bet it will never stop. I joined the OTO and later on the AA. At some point my path lead me to Buddhism because I wanted to learn more about meditation. Then my journey brought me to Inner Alchemy, that gave me a lot of inside about my own inner world and inner mind. Lab Alchemy teaches me how to wed the inner- and outer practice. Then last year everything about Thelema came back. Years before I made contact again with the local OTO but for some reason group work didn’t resonate with me all that well. Instead of OTO, the AA came back on my path. That felt as a blessing everything I learned over the years fell and still falls into place.

I love writing about my own experiences or add some recipe as I do love cooking. I always hope that I can inspire others on the path as well. Feel free to leave a comment or get in contact with me on FB.  Here I go again, stepping into my winged golden sandals and fly off into the world that I consider mystical and magickal and write about my journey and experiences. 93!

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