Creating a Magickal environment

For all of you that are in quarantine and want to get some practice done.

A cabin in the woods

Most of us think, when they hear that sentence, ‘creating a Magickal environment’ that it means, you have to have at least a cabin some where in the woods, no people, being all alone. Of course, on one hand it would be uber cool to have one, on the other hand, you do not really need a cabin in the wood. Aleister Crowley proved this in John St. John, where he undertook a huge working to obtain the 6 -5 in Paris. Even in his time it was a busy city, with lots of distractions.

Some idea’s

To be able to create a magickal environment you have to work with what you have. Clean your house first for example, get rid of clutter. Or clean a part of your room that you want use as your magickal space. Not all of us have the luxury of a temple space in our house.

pink flowers in macro shot

Buy some pretty flowers

Buy some fresh flowers, get some candles and create a nice altar with it.

If you are not able to buy yourself a wand or other stuff, see what is in and around your house. Maybe there is a branch from a tree you like, use that as your want. Maybe there is some nice glass that is hidden in one of your cupboards you usually have more then you can imagine.

When you have set this up, you actually have made the fist step to create that environment.

What to do next?

Make some goals for yourself, what is that you want to learn the next coming month. Make a schedule or use an app for that and then start the journey. Do your study and practice in front of your little altar every day. This part of your home will remind you everyday of the work you are doing. So, in other words, you do not have to travel far, or making it yourself difficult. Use what you have and stick with it. Play with, enjoy it and be happy with what you have and have created for yourself.


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