How to reflect and why it is fun!

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” – AL 1:40 Cari Fratres, Carae Sorores, Introduction Reflection is a tool. In magick there are many moments that you can reflect on actions you did during a specific period. Reflection is an instrument, that is not difficult to

A letter to a Student, on how to set goals

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Care, Thank you for your e-mail. To make a good schedule and proper goals for the next two months, you need to make a real effort. If you want to succeed, you need to set goals. Without goals you

Creating a Magickal environment

For all of you that are in quarantine and want to get some practice done. A cabin in the woods Most of us think, when they hear that sentence, ‘creating a Magickal environment’ that it means, you have to have at least a cabin some where in the woods, no

A brief note on tuition

Cari Fratres, Carae Sorores, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Some of you might consider to become a Probationer or Student in our Noble order the AA. To be able to understand what we do I give you some background about the way we see

Inspired by the book the Trigrams Part One

Introduction Last night I read Liber Trigrammaton aloud to my husband, and it touched me right into my heart. I remember I have read it many years ago but then it didn’t leave such an impression at all. One of the task as a Practicus is learning this book by

On Asana, Pranayama, Dharana and where does the meditation start?

Introduction Many of us struggle with the instructions in Part 1: Mysticism. If you have done them for many years they are very easy to understand but if you are at the beginning of the path they are rather difficult to read.   Asana Asana means posture. The best thing

How to keep a Magickal diary.

Introduction This document contains instructions on how you can improve your own magickal diary. It came to our attention that a lot of students struggle with ‘how to keep a diary’. A diary is so much more than keeping a log with only dates and your practice. A diary is

Observations of the Zelator Grade

Introduction This piece is about my own observations of the Zelator Grade. The Zelator’s statement in Libber 185 reads: He (she) may at any moment withdraw from his (her) association with the A .’.A.’. simply notifying the Practicus who introduced him (her). Yet let him (her) remember that being entered

Magick in Action; The December working

Introduction This article is about Magick, specifically Magick in action. In June 2016 I finished my degree in teaching. It took two years of my life but I made it. At that time around June 2016,  my condition was very poor, my body out of shape and my energy level

Concerning Liber Yod

If you want to understand more about your ego, you might like to read Liber YOD

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